Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Ways to Spruce up Your Patio

There is nothing quite like the soothing atmosphere of an amazing outdoor patio. Whether you are considering a faux brick wall to add toan outdoor kitchen or selecting spunky patio furniture, the possibilities are truly endless. This article will highlight 7 ways to take your patio to a whole different level of awesome.

#1: Consider large glass windows or walls

Folding glass walls between your patio and your home will create more outdoor space. This will also bring about tons of natural light into your home and you can enjoy the outdoors all year long. You can enjoy a refreshing summer breeze throughout your house. This may also improve the air quality in your home.

#2: Do not cut corners when it comes to patio furniture

It is recommended to invest in high quality patio furniture that is constructed of durable materials, such as concrete or brick. This will ensure its durability throughout the year during tough weather conditioners. Custom built-in furniture is always recommended, such as a large bench or seating area. Although it may be an investment, it will last a lifetime.

#3: Do not forget the fire pit

What is a cool fall evening without a cozy fire pit? Fire pits are great for social gatherings and roasting marshmallows. Fire pits can be purchased at home improvement stores or you can consider custom built designs. Place some comfortable chairs around the pit and you are ready for a relaxing hangout spot for family and friends.

#4: Consider a Pergola for shade

The summer months can be brutally hot but that should not stop you from enjoying your patio. Having a custom-built pergola can provide that much needed shade when the sun is beaming hard. It can also make way for a cool breeze. It can become the parameter of your outdoor ambiance, complete with wicker furniture, a fire pit and an outdoor grill.

#5: Get creative with accessories
Your patio should represent who you are. Do not hesitate on adding your own personal creativity. This can include decorative pillows, a color scheme for the furniture, umbrellas and so much more. Consider scouting for decorations at second hand shops or local craftsman stores. You will be amazed at the unique stuff you may find.

#6: Get cozy near a fireplace
A great place to warm up to a significant other is near a relaxing fireplace. The captivating warmth of the orange flames can create the ultimate, intimate ambiance. Consider a custom built design with a faux brick wall for a rustic and sophisticated look.

#7: Design an amazing outdoor kitchen

While there is nothing wrong with a basic propane or charcoal grill, why not take it a step further with an all-out outdoor kitchen. A fully functional outdoor kitchen can prevent the hassle of carrying heavy pans of raw meats in and out of your home during cookouts. You can also wash and store barbecue cutlery in your outdoor drawers. You may find yourself using your outdoor kitchen more than you indoor one.

Get creative with your patio
You only live once and inspiration is everywhere. The patio of your dreams may be an investment, but it will be a timeless piece to your home for years to come. Social and family gatherings will never be the same.

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